Holistic Acupuncture Practice

Grace offers you safe and effective solutions for your health.

First visit

On your first visit, depending on your health concerns you will go through series of physical tests including pulse diagnosis, reflex palpation, genetic nutritional testing, food sensitivity testing and adrenal stress testing. These tests are usually not tested by your conventional doctors, but are important for preventive and holistic care. Grace will then design a focused wellness lifestyle and acupuncture programs that are powerful to facilitate your body's ability to heal.  A minimum of 10 sessions are recommended for optimal health and recovery support.

Follow Up Visits

You'll be going through your health journey.  This takes energy, discipline and commitment.  For the first 2 months, you'll need weekly support so that your personalized acupuncture treatments can be updated as you change.  After, a wellness maintenace program will be integrated to help you sustain your health.

This is very different from going to your health care provider when you're sick.  This is a health crisis model.  When you do this, it's like putting out the fire but the house is still smoldering.  Eventually the house needs to be clean and rebuilt.  In this health wellness model, time and energy is spent cleaning and rebuilding the house.  Just like it takes time and planning to rebuild the house, our bodies also need time to heal and after needs a sustainable wellness program to keep you well.  

To get ready for your appointment, please do the following:

1. Click and download the New Client Forms below.

For all new clients, please CLICK HERE for new client forms.

2. Print them out and fill them out completely.  Your forms must be received by no later than 2 weeks prior to reserve your appointment.

3. Please scan the forms and email back to info@GraceSuhCoscia.  

4. Please email any supplements or medications you're taking.

We look forward to meeting you.

Thank you for choosing Grace to help you with the most precious thing of all, your health.