Are you frustrated with aches and pains that won't go away?

Or suffering with nerve paralysis?

Do you wonder why you can't lose weight?

Do you have toxicity issues?

Do you have voice or throat issues?

Do you have allergies?

Or immune issues?

What do these health concerns have in common?  Inflammation. And if you've answered yes to any of these questions, you've come to the right place.  Too often we settle for health and recovery that are not optimal. Traditional treatments only go so far. They can't get to root cause of why you're suffering.

We can Help

Grace Suh, LAc, Dipl OM has made it her life's work to help people turn their health around. Her 15 years of integrative medical training, including acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition enables her to give you a unique interpretation of your body's imbalances. Her integrated medical foundation with holistic methods deliver modernized acupuncture care to you and your family.




Some of the benefits Grace's clients experience are:       

     * Great energy and stamina

 * Ease of movement

* Restore function

* Fresh Voice

      * Accelerated post surgery recovery 

      * Healthy lifestyle

      * Reclaimed youth and vitality

              * Restored passion for living life       

                                People who benefit from Grace's Programs:    

 * Are proactive about their health

*Prefer Holistic Medicine

     * Are ready to do what it takes to get healthy!

What Grace's clients are saying:

      * "Grace is a great acupuncturist!" P.S.

      * "I'm fit, have energy and feel great since working Grace." W.C.

      * "Grace is a caring health care practitioner." D.A.