Grace Suh, LAc, Dipl OM is an acupuncturist and a doctor of Chinese Medicine providing holistic health care.  

Grace integrates a science-based combination of Eastern Medicine, Functional Medicine and acupuncture to help clients attain efficacious results that transcend the limited Western medicine perspective.                                                                                           

Past 15 years, she focuses on cutting edge preventive & holistic medicine and treatment to address inflammation including addictions, age related issues, allergies, cancer, immune issues, nerve dysfunction, pain, pre and post surgeries, scars, stress (including PTSD), throat & vocal issues, toxicity, weight and women's health issues. 

She is also a public speaker and a published writer, including the Huffington Post.

Grace is an expert in acupuncture, genetically guided nutrition, Life Style Medicine and Pulse Diagnosis and Reflex Palpation Testing which are holistic methods she integrates into her acupuncture medical practice.

Since 2000 Grace has created simple & effective health programs and strategies for busy people, including Olympic althletes, elite performers, supermodels, celebrities and CEOs who need fast and lasting results. Because patients seek Grace out for sustainable health solutions, Grace only uses methods and strategies that are proven to deliver results without negative side effects, including using the highest quality nutriceuticals on the market today.  

Grace is a great listener, fully present and deeply caring.   

She is passionate about forming a partnerhsip with her patients and supporting them along their health journey.  She understands that change can be challenging, so Grace starts with where you're at and developes strategies and simple solutions that you can  easily integrate into your life. Above all, Grace wants you to get better and thrive and so she listens, integrates all she knows and comes up with a solution that gets to root of your health issues.